At Van Extras, we like to be bold. We love nothing more than seeing a customer blown away by the work we carry out. Giving them the ‘wow factor’ is what we’re all about. The best way to get that response? With our vibrant and exciting IP 1000 Spray Lining.

 Take a look at our gallery at the different Spray Lining jobs that we have completed. You’ll also be able to see how the Spray can accommodate racking, jetter systems and other internal accessories.



IP 1000 is a tough, thick, urethane polymer coating which can protect your vehicles load area from every day wear and tear. The polymer is flexible, meaning it is easily applied to a Van load area. You may be wondering how this will benefit your vehicle? Well, take your everyday standard ply lining for example. A ply lining is a good example of a lining that is protecting your vehicle. However over time and exposure to water and other chemicals or large equipment, a ply lining will begin to rot, crack or even snap. With IP 1000, this won’t be a problem, as the polymer is designed to withstand much higher levels of extreme use without adverse effect!

So, what are the main benefits to a van user?

  • Strong and durable spray that won’t wear away under strain from tools and equipment
  • Easy wash down material, meaning you won’t have to put up with mess in the load area
  • Comes in a variety of colours, meaning that you can stand out from the crowd



 Spray-on bedliner products used by Van Extras are rated for superior performance and have undergone the scrutiny of intense testing for resistance to heat and UV wear. The benefits of choosing IP-1000 spray-on bed liners are many. Manufactured by Industrial Polymers Corporation USA, a leader in the protective coatings industry. The company is recognised as a research leader in the worldwide protective coatings industry, and holds numerous patents for polyurethane compound production processes.


 Strength data sheets available upon written request

 Maximum UV Protection

 Quality Automotive colours

 Protects From Corrosion

 Quieter Ride

 Non-Slip Surface

 Speciality Enhancers including rubber crumb, silica sand, aluminum oxide and Kevlar® brand fiber by DuPont™ to improve physical properties such as tear resistance and non-skid, offering even more options to customers

 Multitude of Applications