Flettner TCX-2™ Narrow Base

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The Flettner TCX-2™ is the latest Roof Ventilator from Flettner. It extracts fumes and flammable gases, as well as combating excess heat, condensation and odours.

The Flettner TCX-2™ (with Narrow Base) performs the same as a standard TCX-2 Roof Ventilator, but can be fitted to vehicle roofs with more narrowly spaced ribs, even with spacing as small as 108mm (4.25″).

The Flettner TCX-2™ represents the very latest generation of rotary ventilators. It has been designed with one over-riding purpose in mind – to be the absolute best. It is designed for larger vehicles and is extremely tough and thoroughly reliable; it represents a step change in performance.

Leading-edge computer modelling techniques have been employed to maximise the efficiency and sheer torque the Flettner TCX-2™ delivers, resulting in a brand new rotary ventilator that extracts nearly twice as much air as the Flettner 2000. Incorporating features that include an integral air concentrator and an ultra-efficient centrifugal fan, it is finely tuned for Torque Concentrated Extraction. In addition, it is also much simpler to fit than a conventional rotary ventilator. The reduced fitting time represents a substantial saving in labour costs compared with previous models.

The TCX-2™ ventilator has been produced with meticulous attention to every detail of quality and design. State of the art manufacturing and rigorous quality management ensure that each product is built to meet exacting standards. The bearings are incredibly smooth running and are made from high quality stainless steel, the polypropylene rotor head is tough and durable and the model features an adjustable shutter.

The product is available in both black and white, so please be sure to specify when ordering.

PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for the Vauxhall Vivaro/Renault Trafic/Nissan Primastar 2001-2014 (see instead product FLT200) or the Volkswagen Transporter T5 (see instead product VGRV-TCX2-B-VWT5). If you are looking to fit this product to a Ford Transit Connect 2002-2013, additional fitting expertise may be required, please contact us if unsure.

If you opt to undertake fitting yourself, be sure to check the PDF Fitting Guide first.

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All Flettner ventilators are made in Britain

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